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Making Aircraft Quieter, Safer, and more Comfortable since 1983


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For nearly 30 years, Skandia has been the leading provider of aircraft interior products and services, including:

AEROCOUSTIC SOUND SOLUTIONS Skandia has engineered sound control systems for more than 80 different models of aircraft to maximize noise reduction with minimal weight gain. From VIP/Head-of-State completions to single engine aircraft, we have the experience to meet your requirements. Aerocoustic Sound Solutions materials were developed to meet Radiant Panel and burn-through flammability testing for Part 25 aircraft, 14 CFR 25.856(a), (b) as well as vertical/horizontal burn requirements for Part 23 and 25 aircraft.

FOAM FABRICATION SEATING PROGRAMS Speed, repeatability, and precision are based on advanced manufacturing practices for consistent and uniform seat cushion production. From small, simple components to large volume seating programs, Skandia's fabrication team can meet your needs efficiently and cost-effectively. From 30 seats to 30 aircraft, Skandia's CNC capabilities coupled with precision cut components produce comfortable cushions to meet your completion schedule.


Testing of cabin interior materials is performed by highly trained technicians utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Rapid turnaround times result from our experienced in-house staff of five DERs and two DARs with the authority to perform conformity inspection and issue 8110-3 flammability certification.


Skandia offers a wide variety of aviation-grade seating foams including DAX firehard, HR Poly and Confor. Our best selling item for headliner and trim panel padding is AeroLite foam. AeroLite provides superior resistance to compression set and provides acoustic absorption to create a quieter cabin environment. In addition, Skandia also supplies name brand upholstery supplies. From specialty hardware and tools to batting, we make it convenient and cost-effective. Most orders ship the same or next day! For a Skandia or Aerocoustic Sound Solutions catalog filled with many samples, detailed technical data, and pricing please contact our Product Sales Department at 815-393-4600, 800-945-7135 (U.S.), or Info (at)SkandiaInc.com.